Monday, May 31, 2010

How to make a Gumpaste Stiletto

Wanna take a walk in my shoe?

This (not quite complete) high heeled shoe made entirely of gumpaste is one of 3 that is going to be featured on my competition cake at the end of June.

I've been experimenting with construction methods, trying to make them as realistic as possible without cheating-- no molds!

I made a cardboard template which I used to cut out the base of the shoe (from gumpaste).  Now, in the picture it looks black, in my living room it looks purple.  You can't win...

This sole is drying (to shape) on a chunk of fondant that I felt was too dry to cover cakes anymore.  There is parchment underneath to prevent sticking.  I tried to make my own drying mold using home made play doh-- bad idea.  For multiple reasons.  It isn't stiff enough, and moisture from the playdoh gets to your gumpaste, preventing drying and making it sticky.  Ideally, you want the gumpaste to have as much air exposure as possible when you're trying to dry it quickly.

For this shoe, I made a cardboard template and cut it out over and over again, stacking each little sliver of gumpaste on top of itself.  When gumpaste is fresh and sticky, it will stick naturally.  If it starts drying, you need to use something else-- I used tylo glue.

Slow progress...

Dried sole (this was done over a couple days), with a platform under the toe and a mostly complete heel.

The heel does have a dowel in it... for the record.

I used a clay gun to extrude a nice edging...

and I painted the sole and heel black.  You can see the contrast between the 'black' gumpaste and the true black color.

Then, I cut out a nice sole liner using my PME Design Wheeler (which I also use to do quilting), and painted it with a shimmery champagne luster dust.

Then, I extruded some straps, again using the clay gun:

Paper towels make great support structures for drying gumpaste...

A day or two later...

Fun, right?  I want to wear it, but I'm sure it's not strong enough... or big enough... ;)

More sugary shoes are coming soon...


  1. Holy sheep. Holy shoes? Goody two shoes? Jimmy choo shoes. Any, purty darn amazing.

  2. amazing that they look so real,am going to have to make some now for my sister's 50th b/day it proves that you can make anything really its all down to somebody showing you first. my hat goes of to you,well done.tracy england xx

  3. Love it.. I just got an order for a 40th birthday and was wondering how I was gonna pull it off. Thank you so much for your great work... Very inspirational... Thanks miSSilla's

  4. My friend wants me to make her a shoe cake for her birthday, and I had no idea where to start...until now! Thanks for the step-by-step!!! Now I can't stop brainstorming! :)

  5. Roxanne, thanks for this post. I wanted to come and take your class at Nicholas Lodge's Studio B, but airfare was just too expensive for 2 days. Thanks much!!!

  6. You are very good and the best at tutorials. Keep up the good work. you are amazing. Thank you.Juana

  7. thank you so much for sharing this! The only part I am a little confused on is inbetween where you show the sole on your partially finished heel (and there is a gap between the sole and the heel) and then you show the finished that just another wedge of gumpaste sized to fill the gap? You do amazing work and I am so glad we beginners have such a great teacher! :)

  8. Brilliant! I have just ordered your tutorial and former. Many thanks for showing in detail.

  9. What a waste of $50.00. So dissappointed with what I received in my order today. I simply wanted to cry. Expected more than copies of paper, which the drawings are hard to understand, a piece of styrofoam and a tiny jewel mold. Thank you very much. I don't mind shelling out money because anything having to do with cake decorating is expensive but always well worth it, but this took the cake. I am sorry not worth $50.00. Enjoy my hard earned money

    1. Hi there, I am so sorry you are disappointed. I can't give you a refund or help you if you don't tell me who you are. Please email me and I will gladly work with you.

  10. mmm.....I just order the tutorial ..and the former ... I hope.... dont have any problem ¿? later ....


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