Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cute Animal Cake

So, the last couple weeks I've spent a few hours working at Apple-Butter Bakery in downtown Atlanta.

Yesterday, I spent my evening decorating this cake for a baby shower:

Made at Apple-Butter Bakery, Atlanta, GA

I didn't do the baking, and I didn't stack or ice the main cake, but I did ice the cupcakes and I made the figures and little faces out of fondant, etc.  Also, I did not design the cake-- I worked from a photo.

Apple Butter Bakery

I was supposed to finish this cake in 4 hours or less... took me closer to 6.  I need to work on my speed!  I am not used to actively hurrying when I work on cakes.  I also hate leaving out details!

The baby's name will go in the empty space... ;)

Enjoy your weekend! :)  More coming your way soon, I hope!


  1. Roxanne, that is the cutest cake EVER! I LOVE this!!! Your friend and admirer of your awesome talents ~ Judy

  2. Apple Butter Bakery is so lucky to have you!

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  4. You are incredibly talented! Beautiful.

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