Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Advanced Royal Icing Class

This past weekend I took another Nicholas Lodge class-- Advanced Royal Icing Techniques. :)  I decided to treat myself since my birthday is on Friday.

The class covered figure piping (which I hadn't really tried before), as well as color flow techniques, pressure piping, string work with and without bridges, and some Lambeth style borders.   In the above picture, the doves were piped on waxed paper separately, and the ribbon side design was transferred onto the cake and created using a color flow approach.

Here is an example of figure piping-- this cupid was all piped with royal icing tips 1 and 2:

As a contrast, the cupid on the right side of this picture was cut out of gum paste and then over-piped with a little royal icing for added detail.

Here's some stringwork with a piped bridge and lace points, with an embroidery side design.

And here are some pressure piped letters painted silver and then attached to the cake:

We did one more dummy cake in class featuring a color flow swan and some Lambeth style borders:

The swan has some 'real' feathers in there for added detail. :)

I was a little rushed at the end of class so you can see that my scroll under the scroll border started floating down as I went along.... but I like the top border.

The class was great fun and definitely inspired me to work more with royal icing... and to reopen my Lambeth book and try a few things. :)

Meanwhile, I'm going to be teaching my first sugar class in March!!  I'll be teaching gum paste stilettos March 5-6 at International Sugar Art Collection's Studio B in Norcross, GA.  Details will be posted soon at

So in the meantime, I've been refining my shoe techniques and preparing course notes-- I'm really excited for the class and really want it to go well!

That's all for now.  Hopefully I'll still have enough time to make a snazzy birthday cake this weekend... :)


  1. That is awesome that you are teaching a class!! Congratulations!

  2. you are fantastic! I just made my first home made fondant....but I can promise I will never get close to this good. I am just starting to learn anything...thanks to being addicted to Cake Boss on Netflix. YOur gumpaste shoe on Face book is way cool!!

  3. Thanks, Ladies! Nice to meet you, Shannon. I actually don't make my own fondant-- I just buy it! :) Cake Boss is great, especially the first season when it was mainly about cake decorating. I learned a lot from it.

  4. Just found your blog today when trying to find a royal icing class. LOVE what you learned there. The cupid is SOOO cute!

    With all the passion that you throw into cake decorating, maybe you should be a cake decorator instead of an engineer? But I have the same problem. I love cake decorating, but my job (I have a degree in business) just pays too well.

  5. Can you please tell me that which consistency u used for piping the cupid on the side of the cake?