Tuesday, March 1, 2011

And a couple more shoes...

So in prepping for my class this weekend, I made this pair of shoes in... odd... colors.  Although they came out a little bit psychedelic, don't you think? The have a little bit of a 1960's thing going on.

Anyway, I apologize for my lack of posts for the last few weeks.  I've been swamped with school work this semester and just turned in another conference paper on Friday.  This week I'm gearing up for my class and then I'll be focused on some competition entries for the Florida I.C.E.D. Cake Competition on March 27!

The tricky part is, I'm going skiing for my spring break the week before, so everything needs to be done before I go... I guess I'd better get started!  And I might need to rent a car to drive down there, because god forbid I design a cake with constraints in mind, like fitting through my car door... :)

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  1. Hey, Roxanne, congrats on your shoe course! I love your foot couture. As I said I would, I made a shoe from your pattern for my granddaughter's 8th birthday cake, but it broke (or somebody broke it) before I got it onto the cake. I managed to fix it, but it doesn't look spectacular. But I LOVED making it and I'll do it again as soon as I can and THEN I promise I'll send you a pic. You're an inspiration to all the geeks from academia, of which I'm one!