Monday, October 17, 2011

Butterfly Wedding Cake

On Saturday I delivered my first official wedding cake!

This cake featured over 40 gum paste butterflies in about 15 different colors, all hand dusted and painted with unique detailing.  The cake itself is a lemon butter cake with lemon swiss meringue buttercream, chambord flavor splash, and raspberry puree.

The bride picked out this cute little bunny topper, which is actually a ring holder (the rings go on the ears). Notice I wired up a little butterfly between his ears?  Yeah, thought I'd integrate the theme... :)

I started the butterflies well in advance and made a few of them on wires so they could 'fly' away from the cake.

I tried to plan for the right number of butterflies before the cake was made.

The bride did not want a smooth cake-- she wanted buttercream icing with some texture or sloppiness to it.    I used a paddling technique over the whole cake to give it the texture that you see.

The cakes were 10" round (~8.25" tall) and 6" round (~5" tall).  I delivered the cake like it was pictured above only I had already attached the ribbons to the cake board.  I carefully packed up all the butterflies and put them on when I got there; they were fragile enough that if they fell down in transit they were likely to break.

Fortunately, everything went pretty smoothly!  I set up the cake on what was to be the dessert bar-- it was surrounded by little pies and pastries on the platters.  I really like the rustic look of the whole setup.

I hope the bride and groom (and guests!) loved it. :)


  1. Juuuuuust curious: How did the bottom chunk go together? I feel like that's a lot of cake (weight) with some interesting engineering integrated into it.

  2. First, WOW. Very nice. It looks as though you decided not to allow any butterflies to "fly" away from the cake is that true? Do you have a mold for the butterfly form or just a cookie cutter shape? Again, very nice. I love the detail in each butterfly.

  3. @Becka-- you are right, darling. :) The bottom tier is actually 2 10" tiers stacked together, and yes, there is structure!!

    @Kerry, some of them are flying, but just a little bit and it's hard to tell in the photos. I used one cookie cutter and then a bunch of patchwork cutters. :)

  4. Roxanne, this cake so SO gorgeous! Your butterflies turned out really great! And the bunny topper is adorable!!

  5. Beautiful job! I am amazed by the all the detail work on the butterflies. I am sure the bride and groom loved it!

  6. Just to let everyone know - not only was this more than we could have ever wanted, It was also so yummy. The fillings were all natural and made fresh by Roxanne. We loved this cake so much for its beauty, flavor and detail. We more than loved it.

  7. Hi, nice work, really love ur butterflies. Could u tell what butterfly cutter product u used for this pls??


  8. Hi there, I used mainly patchwork cutters:

    Thanks for reading! :)