Thursday, February 9, 2012

Birthday Shoebox Cake

On the 28th of January I celebrated my 28th birthday.  I've heard that's called your golden birthday, when you turn the same age as they day you were born.  So I guess I celebrated my golden birthday.

I share a birthday with my friend Tamera, so we opted to have a dual celebration.  Obviously a good cake was in order!

It all started with the cakes themselves, of course.  I did my own version of a black forest cake for the bottom shoe box and a butter cake with maple cream for the top shoe box.

Here are the cakes iced in the fridge:

Getting square corners: always a challenge.

By 3 AM Friday night, I had everything stacked.

Making enough room in the fridge: also always a challenge.  And I have 3 refrigerators.  Don't judge. ;)

A good sexy cake requires a good sexy new gum paste stiletto!

This stiletto features Sugarveil lace airbrushed black to create the mesh effect between the straps.

The cake took way too long to complete, but I was very happy with the final product, and I had a great time celebrating with friends.

Hope you enjoy!  And boy do I hope I graduate soon... :)


  1. That looks fantastic! How do you stack them like that?

  2. I just love coming to your blog to see what new creations you have up. I'm a baker(in real life), but I'm a terrible cake decorator. I think I overthink a lot of stuff. I really like the way you create your shoes and was wondering if you had a dvd on how to make. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Looks Great Roxanne!! Love your shoe designs. I just hear about You could totally do a class on gum paste shoes!

    Did you use styrofoam to separate your box tops from the bottoms? If so did you wrap it in plastic wrap or anything?

  4. I love the shoebox cake with shoe on top! You are so amazing, Roxanne!

  5. Roxanne.. I saw your shoes today at Nicholas Lodge and I had to ask Molly about them. She told me about your blog!! A~MAE~ZING!!!! Happy Belated Birthday.. Cake is fab :)

  6. Thanks everyone! @Karin, hopefully will be teaching some more shoes once I graduate.

    @mommagotsuga, I also have it on my to-do list to make a DVD for a shoe class, but I need the time to do the prepping.

    I did use styrofoam to hold up the lids. I covered the cake with a little parchment before putting on the styrofoam.

  7. What did you use in between the box and the lid? Is that cloth or is that something edible.

    Also, I was looking at some of your other shoes you made historically, how did you decide you prefer the gum paste over the modeling chocolate?

  8. Not cloth-- more gum paste!

    For shoes, I've always used gum paste. I think it would be hard to do a stiletto with modeling chocolate, and would have less structural integrity. I also like the surface finish of the gum paste-- can be made to look more like fabric.

  9. This looks fantastic! And you did such an awesome job covering! I cry every time I have to try and cover corners! And holy moly I love that sexy shoe!

  10. How did you place your supports for this? I have a similar cake for Saturday and am super stressed about it! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.