Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wilton Course 3: Final Class Cake!

The grand finale!

Remember all those fondant roses I was working on?
Well, after many hours of hand sculpting roses, I brushed them with petal dust, and added calyxes, and made leaves.  So in the end:

But let's go back... wayyyy back... to yesterday:

The bottom tier was a 10" chocolate blackout cake, with espresso truffle filling, and fresh raspberries.  I actually can't wait to cut into this cake.  Are you salivating yet?  Cuz I am.  It's in the same room...

Stacked cake.

The top tier was actually a 6" dummy.  Both tiers were covered in white fondant.

When we got to class, we used the push-in pillars to create the structure.

Let's be clear on one thing:  I'm not a big fan of white plastic pillars.  But I'm a good student and I do as I'm told.  :)  But seriously,  if it were up to me, I'd probably wrap dowels in fondant so that the color and texture would look more like the cake and less like cheap plastic.  

The border on both cakes was a tip 18 shell with a tip 127 ruffle piped over it, then a tip 16 shell over the top of the ruffle.  After piping the borders, we cut out some fondant cut out flowers, and piped centers:

Finally, we put on the flowers we brought to class, using buttercream as the glue.

A view of the top of the cake.

The bottom tier flower cascade.

The nice white photo background was set up in my class-- the other pictures are from their normal spot on my dining room table.  Also, one of the fabulous ladies in my class had a fabulous camera, and supplied me with some super high quality pics, so thanks to her!

Hope you enjoyed the cake pictures, and if you work with me, you might be lucky enough to be eating this cake (well, the bottom tier) with me tomorrow!  :)


  1. What a beautiful cake, Roxanne!
    I agree that more related-to- the-cake pillars would be an
    improvement. Your flowers are
    exquisite! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    Aunt Wombat

  2. Congratulations, Roxanne. Job well done. I wish I worked with you!