Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gum Paste for the Holidays

This weekend I was fortunate enough to celebrate the completion of my PhD proposal by taking Nic Lodge's 'Gum Paste for the Holidays' class.  If you ever get a chance to take a class at the International Sugar Art Collection (ISAC), I highly recommend it.  Not only do you get to spend all day playing with gum paste and learning from the master, they also serve you lunch and warm cookies.  I like to think of it as my personal heaven.

In this class we made: poinsettia, christmas rose, christmas rose bud, christmas rose leaves, eucalyptus, mistletoe, yew, juniper, pine, pine cones, variegated ivy, bird's foot ivy, english holly, variegated holly, and spruce.  See if you can spot all of these things! :)

Gum Paste Poinsettia

Variegated Holly and Berries

Christmas Rose

Eucalyptus, Mistletoe, Christmas Rose Bud, Bird's Foot Ivy, Blue Spruce, Pine Cone, Var. Ivy, English Holly

Pine/ cone, Yew, Juniper

English Holly

At the end of class, we arranged everything into basically a bouquet with the Christmas ribbon.

Here was the beginnings of it:

And the final product!

Now if only I didn't have an accounting exam tomorrow... :oP


  1. Roxanne, those flowers are beautiful!! I haven't been to ISAC in a while! I need to see what's coming up!

  2. Hi Roxanne!

    I stumbled on your page after googling calla lilies and was hooked on your work. it's funny how it all started with cake boss!

    Like you, the moment i saw Ace of Cakes i was hooked but i didn't know how to begin. i never took the initiative to do anything until i got a kitchen aid. after that i never stopped.

    I just wanted to say your work is amazing and I can't believe I read ALL your posts in one day!

  3. Awww, thanks Cathy! :) Happy Thanksgiving!