Sunday, May 15, 2011

Baby Shower Cake

How I've missed you all!  (And I'm sure you've missed me too...)

I apologize for the recent lack of posts; finishing my semester proved to be hectic and after the Florida I.C.E.D. cake I needed a little time to let my apartment be clean.

I am doing 2 cakes this weekend, and here is the first one.  It was for a baby shower:

For this cake, I started using Massa fondant instead of my usual Satin Ice, and it was pretty nice to work with.  The bow is gum paste, and I was pretty excited about how the striping came out.

Since I had some creative license with this cake, I opted to not do the classic 'baby bump' cake and rather chose to do the figure on the cake.  While I might have created more work for myself, I really have a problem with the idea of people cutting into stomach and eating it.  Maybe it's just me.

I made most of the figure out of modeling chocolate and added the details using gum paste.

Thanks for looking and there's more cake headed your way very soon!  Now if I could just stop sampling the chocolate ganache...

Also, I will be teaching this summer-- I will teach my 2 day Gum Paste Stiletto class in Norcross, GA June 4-5 (  and in Austin, TX July 11-12  (


  1. My sisters baby shower is almost coming up and shes been torn with cake suggestions for her occasion I will recommend her to this blog the cake engineer.