Monday, May 16, 2011

Calvin and Hobbes Cake

When my friend Andrea asked me to make a cake for her boyfriend's birthday, I jumped at the chance.  Andrea is one of my favorite people to serve cake to... why?  Because if it were socially acceptable, Andrea is someone who would cut a slice of the cake and then run off with the rest of it. :)

It all started with chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, and fresh strawberries.

Then, in case there wasn't already enough chocolate (is there even such a thing?)  I covered the whole cake in chocolate ganache.

After the first coating:

After a whole lot of smoothing:

Yes, you can also see my laptop, which I use to play music while I'm working, and my 2 varieties of vanilla extract, because one just isn't enough for me.

After the ganache set up, I covered the cake in fondant and carefully stenciled on the black stripes using softened fondant and a designer stencil.

Of course, this was my first time trying the stenciling technique myself (and I see people mess it up on TV all the time.)  So obviously I chose to use the most unforgiving color combination: black on white.  If something does get messed up, you can fix it using vodka.  Really, there are two options.  Either use a clean paintbrush with some vodka to clean up your mistake or drink the vodka until you can't see the mistake.  ;)

I added the image to the top of the cake using a combination of pin pricking through a picture I had printed out and just drawing it using an edible food color pen.  Once I had the design outlined, I started painting it with a combination of gel colors and petal dusts diluted with vodka.

I was pretty excited about this cake and about sharing it with friends.  Of course it was a big success.

Happy Birthday, Abe!


  1. "some day"....I'm sinking my teeth into one of your cakes!! lol Terrific job Roxanne, as always. You have lucky friends. I'm sure they know that!!

  2. PHENOMENAL! Amazing. etc etc xx mom

  3. Roxanne, hope you build this into a thriving business. Amazing cakes. Abe's grandmother and Abe's mom.

  4. that is amazing! Love it! :)

  5. I love that stencil. May I ask where you got it?

  6. This is amazing! Absolutely mouthwatering! I loved it! -Abe

  7. I wish you could make the cake for my sisters baby shower. :(