Sunday, September 23, 2012

Teal and Zebra Gum Paste Stiletto

Sometimes, you just have to come back to basics, or in my case, to gum paste stilettos.  

I really enjoyed making this teal and zebra version of my signature gum paste stiletto.  I particularly liked the liner and label, which I made super-blingy. 

This stiletto was made for a birthday celebration, and had an accompanying chocolate cake that I also covered in a zebra stripe pattern.  

The shoe will ultimately be a topper, but it was packaged separately for easier travel.  

For the stiletto, I painted the zebra stripes onto white gum paste using black piping gel diluted with just a little vodka.  For the cake, I hand cut the zebra stripes from fondant that I rolled out thin using the pasta machine.  

Such a fun shoe/ cake combination!

I made the silver studs using a homemade silicon mold that I created using a rhinestone from the scrapbooking aisle.

Hope you have a fantastic week! :)


  1. Your Africa trip is definitely influencing your cake decorating. The zebra strips are so beautifully done I was very pleased that you explained how you did them. Am very very impressed with your hand cutting and the luscious points on the stripes. Tres bien fait! ¡Buen hecho! Well done! Love, Aunt Wombat

  2. Hi Roxanne, Stacy Brown...amazing amazing are absolutely amazing! I love reading your blogs and you'll never know how much you have inspired me to try some new things. I am absolutely delighted to read how you create your beautiful cakes...Let me know if you're ever in the Seattle area.