Friday, May 25, 2012

Gum Paste Moth Orchid

Moth (Phalaenopsis) orchids are incredibly popular right now.

I had a request for a couple of stalks like this, and I was really excited about how they came out.

It was an interesting challenge to get the coloration on the throat correct.  I was looking at a lot of different pictures as I went along.  I tried to capture purple, magenta, and some reddish tones, as well as the markings in the center.  These throats started out white, so it took a few coats of color to achieve the right depth.  I always steam the flowers after dusting, and to get that saturated color, I would dust, steam, let set, and then repeat as needed.

I love the organic look of the orchid stalk.

Those curled tendrils on the base of the throat were a real nuisance, especially because I was trying to make them as thin as possible.

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did!


  1. Wow, wonderful work! Where did you get the cutters and veiner (sp?) set for the orchids? The proportions are so realistic!

  2. I would like to know also!

  3. I used the moth orchid cutter and veiner set with some minor modifications, available here:

    Hope that helps!! ~Roxanne

  4. Hello, I really loved the forms you did with sugar i just would like to know if you think it is possible to make a little box of sugar to put some chocolates inside or something like that,And also I would like to know if the box could be so fragil??