Friday, May 25, 2012

Gum Paste Stiletto Instructions

I sometimes get questions/ requests for instructions and patterns for the gum paste stilettos.

If you're interested, I have available for sale my class instructions from my 2 day stiletto workshop, which includes the red/ cheetah stiletto and the navy stiletto with the brooch.  I sell these (which include paper versions of the patterns, plus step-by-step instructions) and I include a styrofoam sole former, and occasionally a bonus goody for $50+ s/h.  Hopefully I'll have a web store here eventually where you can do this in an automated fashion, but for now, you can contact me at to purchase.

UPDATE:  The instructions are now available for instant purchase via paypal on the right side of the blog.  Always, contact me if you have any questions or need assistance.

I finished my PhD degree as of last Friday, and while I'm still busy getting my life in order, I will be getting back to teaching, coming up with new classes, developing some of my own tools, etc!  I also hope to record a DVD version of the 2 day stiletto class.  Stay tuned!!

Best to you all!


  1. Hi about the DVD.. How many different shoe types are featured in the DVD.. I can see 2 in the pictute but are there more on the DVD... Thanks

  2. Both of the shoes are amazing, but I like the blue one more since its simple and has a flower on it, which I love.

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