Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wilton Cake 1- Final Class Cake!

Tonight was my final class in the Wilton Cake 1 series.  But don't fret!  I start Cake 2 next week. :)

For tonight we had to bring an iced cake to class, plus all of our buttercream in appropriate consistencies, colored as desired, and loaded into our parchment/ pastry bags.

At the beginning of class, we went over the Wilton rose.  We piped these onto wax paper squares on #7 flower nails, and let them dry till we were ready to decorate our cakes.

 In this class, we also went over the sweet pea, the bow, and leaves.

After going over the techniques, we had the last ~25 mins to work on our cakes.  For this cake, the roses were placed around a mound of buttercream to give them some height.  By this point, the roses had dried some and could be lifted (carefully) with a flower lifter or scissors, and placed onto the cake. 

After placing the cluster of roses, I filled in with some leaves and vines. 

This cake has already been spoken for by one of my friends, who was celebrating his one year anniversary with his girlfriend.  I piped the message with tip 3 after I finished the rose cluster and leaves.

I piped tip #21 shell borders on the bottom and top, and piped sweet peas all around the bottom border.

Finally I placed the fourth rose above the message, and finished the cake with a couple extra sweet peas on the top.

So I earned my official Wilton course completion certificate!  Hopefully my friend is happy with this cake... :)
Now on to Course 2!


  1. I'm sure they're both happy with it! ;)

  2. Your cake is simply perfect, so beautifully decorated!!!
    I'm in the beginning of Wilton course 2 right now, and can easily relate :)
    Only, unlike yours, my graduation cake has ended in a garbage bin - I will never agree to eat myself or treat somebody else to Wilton "buttercream".

  3. Thank you very much! I agree the class buttercream isn't optimal tasting, but it is nice that it's basically non-perishable and so easy to pipe with! It tastes a lot better if you use half butter/ half shortening, real vanilla, and a bit less sugar... :)